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Dr. Jiovanni Pabilonia is a firm believer in movement as medicine, aka exercise. In a clinical setting, it's known as Therapeutic Exercise in Pittsburgh, Physical Medicine, or Physical Rehabilitation. Our initial goal is to put out the fire by using tools like chiropractic manipulation, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation), electric muscle stimulation, and other passive modalities.

What To Expect in Pittsburgh

With that being said, you can expect to do some type of Active therapy- as soon as the first visit. Research has shown that the sooner you move, the faster you heal- which means the faster you can get back to do the things you love. We do this by showing you stretches and exercises that gradually expose you to movements that caused pain initially. Once the pain has decreased, we guide you on how to safely strengthen the area. Let me let you in on a little are more resilient and stronger than you think.

A lot of the "rehab" that we do here is low tech, meaning you'd be able to do most of it on your own without any fancy equipment. Along with getting rid of your pain, our mission is to teach you enough so you can manage it after the initial treatment plan. So if your neck pain, back pain, or any other symptom happens to flare up for whatever reason, you will be equipped with the tools to handle it.

So if you want to move well, get stronger, and be the best version of you, give your friendly, neighborhood Pittsburgh Chiropractor a call to make an appointment today! (412) 920-1600


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